Mackey & Foster, P.A.
   220 Main Street, Suite 202
   P.O. Box 901
   Falmouth, MA 02541

Our Firm

We are a law firm consisting of experienced attorneys and certified paralegals. We focus on estate planning, trust and estate administration, and related tax, financial and real estate matters.

We give prompt and reliable legal counsel, combining attention to detail with up-to-date technological resources and equipment. We often collaborate with respected legal counsel on matters outside our specialties and likewise provide services to them within our fields of expertise. We at all times maintain the highest order of client confidentiality.

Initial Contact

During an initial interview, usually lasting about 20 minutes, which is at no charge to you, we will seek sufficient information about your situation to suggest a prudent range of actions. Once we determine the scope of your project, we will also provide an estimate of our fee according to the chosen course of action.

Practice Areas

Estate Planning
Estate Settlement
Trust Administration
Real Estate

Our firm provides assistance with all aspects of estate planning. We strive to meet your individual estate planning goals and needs.

This may include attention to family and personal business interests as well as tax issues relating to the field of trusts and estates.

Our staff is fully trained to help you navigate the estate settlement process, whether to secure the allowance of a will and the appointment of an executor, probate a foreign (out of state) will, settle an estate when there is no will, or avoid formal probate through voluntary administration.

Whether a trust is established by will or outside the will, we will guide you, as a trustee, in carrying out provisions of the trust from start to finish. If you are a beneficiary, we will help clarify your rights and entitlements.

Very often, a large or significant component of a person’s estate or trust is the family home or other real estate. Frequently, the home may be a second (vacation) home with the primary residence located outside Massachusetts. We are experienced with the different aspects of dealing with real estate in this context.

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